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Yes there is a HOA at Shoreline consisting of 9 board members who are all current home owners. The board oversee the running and maintenance of Shoreline and continually report back to the home owners. The term for an elected board member is 2 years after which they must stand for re-election.
As of June 2015, there are 74 houses completed and of which individuals own 71. There are still 3 brand new homes for sale and there are 2 remaining plots where a purchaser can have a new house built to one of the approved designs by a local contractor.
As in any development of this size and maturity, following the recent worldwide recession, there are several houses for sale. Shoreline is a uniquely beautiful place to live and now is an excellent opportunity to purchase a lovely home on the beach in Grand Bahama.
The houses at Shoreline are built to Dade County, Florida Class 4 hurricane standards. As a result there have never been any insurance claims to the exterior of the properties due to hurricanes or storms. The common areas are all insured under a group policy taken out by the SHOA. Homeowners can choose to insure their individual homes if they wish. In 2015, the local insurance company, Star General, reduced the premiums for Shoreline homes due to their robust construction and excellent claims history.
There is a robust rental market at Shoreline, although the HOA does not permit short-term rentals of less than 3 months. The US embassy and several large companies consider Shoreline to be the best place to house families working on a long-term contract on the island. As a result the returns on investment are excellent, with annual returns as high as 10%.
Pets are allowed at Shoreline. No more than 2 pets are allowed at any one home. Dogs must always be under control and on a lead when in the common areas and owners are required to pick up after their pet.

As of June 2015, the annual fees are set at $10,000 plus VAT. These fees are collected quarterly starting on the 1st January each year. An update to the current amount of these fees can be obtained by emailing

The Covenants of the Association govern the development and the owners’ obligations form part of the certificate of title. Your lawyer will explain this at the time of purchase. As a member of the HOA, it is your responsibility to ensure fees are paid promptly.

HOA fees pay for maintenance of the community and its facilities including household water bills, daily household waste collection on weekdays, painting the exterior of all houses every 7 years, maintenance of all gardens and common areas, the sprinkler system, swimming pool heating and maintenance, hot tub, tennis courts, clubhouse, gym, bar, common area lighting, security guards and insurance of common areas.

Yes a copy can be found here Shoreline Covenants The covenants set the standards and some simple rules, that ensure that Shoreline remains a great place to live.

Shoreline itself does not run a property management company, but there are companies who manage a large number of properties at Shoreline. Their details can be obtained by emailing

Shoreline is a very secure development and your house can easily and safely be "locked up and left" with the assistance of one of these companies.

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