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Shoreline - A great Place to Live


Testimonials from Shoreline Homowners

"The best built homes I've seen in the Caribbean."
Charles Weston Baker, Savills International Residential Director
"Though I am a native Floridian, I have been traveling to the Bahamas for as long as I can remember. Since I have both children and dogs that are usually joining us in our travels, we purchased a yacht to visit and tour the various islands. The island of preference for us was always Lucaya, Grand Bahama. Time and time again, the experience at Lucaya was a wonderful one. The friendly and welcoming island natives were always eager to provide a warm welcome, the entertainment is great, there are excellent restaurants, doctors, veterinarians and when traveling by plane, it is only a half hour flight from Florida.
Since I wanted to purchase a home in Lucaya, I looked at every development on the Grand Bahama Island. During one of my trips, a Shoreline resident invited me to spend some time at his home. It was during that stay that I realized that I too, would like to own a home at Shoreline.
I was very impressed with the sense of security provided, the beautifully landscaped ground, the captivating pools, ocean, tennis courts and community involvement it offered. Though I did not ever feel that the gates and guards were a necessity, it was an added feature that gave me an additional sense of security.
Living at Shoreline makes one feel that they are visiting a five star resort. From beginning to end, I found the building experience to be effortless on my part and I have since been very proud and content to be a member of the Shoreline Community.
I love Shoreline!"
Robi Roberts #42
"We are the proud owners of lot 47 that faces the ocean. The home was built to perfection and every accommodation we asked for in creating our dream beach home came thru with loving care by KST and its family of craftsmen. Home built exactly as designed, neighbors wonderful and security all day and night, Did we find our piece of heaven on earth? yes we did at Shoreline."
Lisa and Mark Tenner #47
"In January 2008, we found Shoreline's website and decided to visit it. Keith Jervis, of KST, was graceful enough to host us in one of their courtesy homes. This was our first visit to the Bahamas and, we decided to buy a house at Shoreline after just 3 days. I guess that shows how impressed we were with the Shoreline community and the Bahamian lifestyle. What attracted us here, and at Shoreline in particular? Well, several things: proximity to the beach, the beautiful gardens, the main pool with its infinity view and bougainvilleas hanging over waterfalls. The people living here are very friendly and they provided us with a smooth transition from a landlocked life in a big Canadian city to the sun filled days of Bahamian islands."
Adrian and Corina Grigorf #54
"Sarah and I have been coming to the Bahamas since the early 70's. From that time to the present, we have rented and/or owned housing in and around Freeport, Grand Bahama Island. We have been renters in five locations and owned property in two. In 2007, we decided to sell our residence in the Port Lucaya area, Harbour House Towers and relocate. It was at this time we really discovered Shoreline. We had heard of Shoreline but we did not know much of anything about this development. Bottom line: We sold our condo and built a home in Shoreline. Our new home has met all our expectations and more. We are very pleased with all that the Shoreline community has to offer; comfortable surroundings, value for your money, good neighbors and especially the safety of a gated community."
Fred and Sarah Almus #71
"Our interesting and diverse neighbors at Shoreline have become wonderful lifelong friends. The weather and island living come together to create a magical lifestyle that we consider a paradise found. We love our house, the concept, and the community. While many people only dream about living a life this way, we've done it! Our only regret is that after many years of renting, we only wish that we had purchased sooner!"
Bob and Sandy Jennings #75
"I have traveled all over the world, but have never seeing any place like Shoreline that combines the beauty of the ocean and a wonderful, secure and relaxed community. I am still working, but my dream is to retire at Shoreline. Every time I come back to the island, I continue to be impressed with the lavish and nicely maintained landscape, luxury of the homes and friendliness of the people living in this community."
Andrew Chernyavskiy #69 & #65
"Long ago we formulated a short list of countries that might fit our requirements of somewhere to retire to; the country had to have very low or zero taxation, the native tongue should be English so that we could mix easily with the locals, the climate should be warm in the winter but not too hot in the summer and we did not wish to live in a bustling holiday resort.
After spending nearly 2 years trawling the internet and visiting possible locations we finally decided on Grand Bahama Island while further research led us to the Shoreline development.
We arrived on GBI and visited various properties for sale to give us a good idea of what was available and what Shoreline would have to live up to. After a few days we finally came to Shoreline and looked around the show home, it was exactly as we imagined and we were extremely impressed with the whole development.
We fell in love with GBI, Shoreline and the friendly, smiling people all around the island, after a short negotiation we put our name on #51. We were very impressed with KST's willingness to make changes to the internal design of the house and everything that we asked for was accepted. Nine months later the house was completed on schedule and the relatively short snagging list was quickly dealt with, the whole process was indeed as painless as Keith Jervis assured us that it would be.
In October 2007 we moved in and installed the furniture, which was probably the most stressful day though soon forgotten, and then we were able to sit in our lovely new home by the sea and feel very pleased with ourselves. We can only spend a few weeks at a time in our new home and we hate having to leave it along with all the new and wonderful friends that we have made on GBI and most importantly at Shoreline itself. It is a wonderful community that we have been so fortunate to join and we wait with great anticipation for the near future when Shoreline will become our permanent home and we will be able to sit every day on our decks and look out at the luscious gardens, lovely pool, views of the sea."
Chris Staniforth #51
"With references to the above two properties as you are aware we have now owned these for three years. We have been extremely happy with the way Shoreline is run and have no complaints only praise."
John Smith #9 & #12
"From the first moment we came to Shoreline as guests of friends we knew that we were staying somewhere unique. The attention to detail throughout the development from the largest homes to the smallest flowerbed is excellent.
I am a contractor in the UK and am impressed and delighted with the standard of finish and fittings in the homes.
Home buying in the UK can be a very traumatic experience and something we were not looking forward to thousands of miles from home. You and your team made it a worry free first step on our dream of owning our house in Shoreline.
We have made some great friends on Shoreline and know that buying our house here is one of the best decisions we have ever made."
Jim and Lesley Johnson #68
"We would like to say how pleased we are with both the property that we have purchased and the Shoreline complex.
We are both retired and having decided to leave the U.K. to spend more time with our family in New York, we needed to choose somewhere else with a warm and pleasant climate to spend winter months.
The taxation policy of the Bahamas influenced our choice and the relaxed and friendly atmosphere in Grand Bahama decided us.
We would certainly recommend Shoreline to any prospective buyers."
Graham and Isla Lake #64
"We highly recommend Shoreline. The building process was painless and Keith and Steve Jervis were very accommodating regarding the changes that we made to the design. The team of builders is well trained and a close eye is kept on the standard of finish. They are very helpful clearing up the final snagging items.
Above all, we enjoy the development for it immaculate landscaping and the beautiful beach right out our doorstep.
We love the Bahamas because the local Bahamians are so friendly, relaxing and welcoming. We have been to a number of islands in the world where this is not the case and we value Bahamian people's ready smile and the many kindnesses we have been shown.
The development at Shoreline is occupied by a very international set of people. We enjoy our evenings at the bar and the fabulous parties at New Years and Thanksgiving getting to know them.
Shoreline provides a safe, friendly environment for our two boys, who have made many friends with other children their age. It is one of the few places (no, the ONLY place) where we are happy to let them disappear for a few hours and not have to worry about them not unlike our own childhood, when the world seemed a safer place.
We intend to retire to Shoreline when the time comes. What more can we say!"
The Porter Family #44
"We have recently purchased a house at Shoreline, and we are very happy about the purchase, and our decision to do so. Jane and I first came to Grand Bahamas Island on a vacation and enjoyed our experience very much.
We are currently residing in South Florida but had decided a few years earlier to look elsewhere for a possible place to live that also provided the things we enjoy. Year round outdoor activities, beaches, boating and just good weather were some of the prerequisites. Proximity to the States and particularly South Florida were also a consideration, having relatives, etc in the area.
When the time came, and we decided to take another look for another possible place to live, we returned to the island. Having visited other islands in the Caribbean, we had always found that the Bahamians are very polite and friendly. We have never had any negative experiences, when it came to the people of the Bahamas. The local Bahamians could not be nicer, and they always made us feel welcomed on any of their Islands.
Living in South Florida, where property tax rates have always gone up, this tax-free environment was also a factor( although not a deciding one) making this an attractive area to purchase real estate. Insurance costs appear to be much more reasonable as well. The extreme traffic, crowds, etc also are often issues that we Floridians face.
We were first attracted to Shoreline by the look of the many individually designed homes, the developments beautiful beach location, and the overall look and feel of the property. The location of Shoreline could not be better. The beach is wonderful and the water is a beautiful turquoise. (We both like to swim and snorkel too). We contacted the Developers to find out more about Shoreline and arranged to visit. We must say our visit was delightful. We stayed in a lovely Shoreline courtesy home which is a model home of one of the residences. This also allowed us to see and explore the casual, island lifestyle of both Shoreline and Grand Bahama. Steve and Keith paid much attention to seeing our experience was all it could be and although they helped to answer every question we had, they also left us to view Shoreline and enjoy the Island.
During the course of a thoroughly enjoyable tour of the site it was evident that the homes were of a superb construction and design. The quality of finish was outstanding, and we were attracted by the attention paid to the details and the building styles and products used. Jane and I have built a custom home in South Florida. We built our home to withstand the hurricane force winds and conditions that are often experienced. We have seen firsthand what damages can occur when such building products and codes are not followed. We built our home using impact windows and doors, additional strapping and roofing requirements, and all hurricane code requirements.
Having built a coastal home using such products we knew and understood the quality of home we would be getting in Shoreline. The houses at Shoreline are built to the same south Florida Building codes, to withstand the hurricanes, and their potential effects. We also know first hand of the many problems that can occur with contractors, permits, etc, when building a new home, and building it to comply with strict codes. It was just a very nice experience to not have those issues and problems in our Shoreline building and purchase. The developers paid attention to all of these details.
We are both delighted with our decision to buy at Shoreline and have had no hesitation in recommending (as we often do) this beautiful, secure, accessible and well managed development on a truly friendly island. We are also pleased to be moving into a truly international housing community in addition to the international climate on the island itself.
Jane and I would like to very much thank the entire office and employee staff of Shoreline particularly, Steve and Keith Jervis, for making our experience of buying (and building) a home outside of the United States an enjoyable, and possible one. They have gone above and beyond that which could be reasonably expected of a developer, in order to ensure that we as homeowners will be completely satisfied with both the product and the community. We are anxiously awaiting, with much anticipation, the time (soon) when we will be relocated to our home at Shoreline. We are looking forward to our Bahamian life and to continue meeting good people both at Shoreline and all over the Island."
Jane & Jerry #72
"We had a long wish list:- to build a lovely family home in an extremely well run gated community located on a long clean sandy beach: with lovely gardens and swimming pools: a club house in order to meet and get to know fellow residents: nearby supermarkets, plus upscale wine and grocery shopping: good hospital services: a great choice of local restaurants to suit the varied tastes and budgets of the whole family: sporting facilities to include golf, tennis, fishing, sailing, scuba and the potential to ride a horse - and somewhere for the parents to play bridge!
In addition the home had to be flexible to accommodate the varying needs of our large family when visiting; with a property management service to look after the home during any absence! We had investigated build projects in several countries and nothing had come even close to our requirements until we visited Shoreline. Our visit was delightful, we stayed in a lovely Shoreline home (so calm and peaceful and relaxed was the atmosphere that I immediately fell asleep on the lounger on the deck!) and the biggest plus was that we were given all possible information with which to make our decision, right down to visiting the local restaurants.
We made our decision to purchase on the second day of our visit because we had finally found a situation which ticked all our boxes! Following the purchase decision the Shoreline office put us in touch with a fantastic one stop shop interior decorating service for the house: an insurance company to cover the house, car and health policies: and the 'in house' property management service: all of whom could not have been more helpful.
All of this was brilliant and made our purchase decision completely seamless. The 'home team' really impressed with their attention to detail and complete understanding of the specific requirements for our dream home, and they all really helped to make our life and decisions as easy as possible. We are really looking forward to joining the Shoreline community."
Caroline and Malcolm O'Hara #41
"We have taken several holidays in the Bahamas over a twenty-year period, and decided to buy a property as a holiday/permanent home in the islands.
We first visited Shoreline along with viewing several other properties on Grand Bahama and Abaco Islands. Shoreline offered the right combination of laid-back Bahamian living, coupled with modern comforts and security, with easy access to Florida and the U.K.
We committed to the property in April, and the building works were completed by July, with any ’snagging’ details efficiently resolved by the developers. We were also well advised by the developers on finding local contacts regarding legal matters,insurance and furniture selection and delivery etc. We were also made very welcome by the existing house owners, who gave us good advice on the wide range of local restaurants and facilities. We therefore recommend Shoreline as an attractive, well-run development in a beautiful environment."
Andrew & Christine Bathe - Monaco
"I have had the best experience with Shoreline since the moment I arrived.
The respect and courtesy that all the members of the team of Shoreline showed me convinced me that the investment I was doing was worthwhile.
Since the moment I purchased my house, all my needs and questions have been answered and I have, since that purchase, had the feeling that not only did I purchase in a prime area of the Bahamas, I also acquired a team of people that have helped me maintain and increase the investment I did."
Ingeborg Staton - Key Biscayne, Florida
"My decision to purchase a home on Shoreline is without hesitation one of the best decisions I have ever made.
I arrived on Grand Bahama not really sure what to expect but within hours I had fallen in love with the island. The people were lovely, the climate was fantastic, the property was first class and the amenities on site superb.
Since I have purchased my initial opinions have been confirmed and after considering renting our property out I could not bring myself to do it as I would not have been able to enjoy our home. I now come here at least four times a year enjoying 10 weeks holiday each year.
Both my family and friends have enjoyed stays at Shoreline and the whole complex continues to improve as do the facilities. Anyone coming here with a view to purchasing a property cannot be failed to be impressed. There is a wonderful community spirit amongst the residents which you get involved with the minute you step on site.
As I said at the start, my decision to buy on Shoreline was one of the best decisions I have ever made and it has certainly been a life changing decision for myself and my family.
John & Jenny Baldwin - West Midlands, UK
"John and I first came to Grand Bahama Island on vacation. We fell in love with the slower pace of life. Nothing happens fast, and we love it that way. Later, when investigating the idea of owning property on the island, we found Shoreline on the Internet. We were immediately attracted to the architecture and landscaping. The developer has far exceeded ordinary standards. Nothing else on Grand Bahama compares and believe me we explored every option. The location of Shoreline could not be better. The beach is uncrowded and the water is turquoise. Walking along the shore, we have seen stingrays floating by and found conch shells washed up on the sand. Not far from Shoreline, there are several bars and restaurants right on the beach. We have met some great people at these places. We really enjoy our own neighborhood bar at Shoreline... meeting the neighbors and winding down the day with tales of boating, exploring and bar hopping. Life is good at Shoreline."
John & Susan Lolley - Oak Island, North Carolina
"My wife and I purchased our property approximately eighteen months ago. During this time we have seen substantial and positive development activity taking place.
We were first attracted to Shoreline by the offer of individually designed homes, the developments location, adjacent to a lovely beach and in particular the specific attention being given to the landscaping concept. Phase 1 of the development, which is nearing completion, reflects a stable and attractive development. Stage 2 of the development is now well underway and it would seem that the same care and attention to detail would be carried over to all aspects in stage 2.
Current homeowners reflect diversity of nationalities and personal interest and during social evenings at the poolside bar, which opens three nights a week, plenty of opportunities arise for everyone to interact in a most friendly and happy way.
Since taking up permanent residence the landscaping has matured and provides an ideal environment for both residents and a unique selection of bird like.
We all enjoy the amenities available, such as tennis courts, swimming pools and the clubhouse, soon to be built.
During 2004 two hurricanes passed over Grand Bahama. It is a credit to the developers of shoreline that actual damage to property was minimal, which serves to highlight the quality of building construction employed. Although the landscaping took some damage, we are virtually back to normal, which reflects once again the developer's commitment to maintaining one of the most prestigious developments on Grand Bahama. To future residents of Shoreline we welcome you and look forward to your involvement with all Shoreline activities.
From our prospective the past eighteen months have been both exciting and satisfying and we look forward to a settled and contented future within Shoreline."
Maurice & Liz Franklin - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
"I first visited Shoreline to come to GBI purely out of curiosity to see the development. Very quickly I decided the whole set up was exactly what I was looking for - both as an investment and for pure unadulterated pleasure!
I was particularly impressed with the quality of the build on the site and the care and attention paid to detail. When you're spending that sort of money so far from home, I wanted to be certain that the property would be carefully built, that Shoreline's standards were equal to my own, and I could rely on the staff to respect my wishes. I haven't been disappointed.
Of course it's difficult to come to GBI and the Shoreline site and not fall in love with the climate and the beautiful beach! The pleasure of an evening walk on a largely deserted beach and a warm breeze can't be underestimated. The beautiful gardens around the houses add to the pleasure and they are very well maintained - it's very much a (manicured) jungle paradise.
I have always been very skeptical about developers but I can wholeheartedly say that I have no complaints with either the Shoreline development or KST Investments. So much so that I have recently purchased a second property there!"
Robert Pearson - Cambridge, U.K.
"When the developer asked me how do I feel about living in Shoreline, without hesitation I replied, "It is heaven on earth." Just imagine waking up to miles of powder-soft, white, sandy, unspoilt beach surrounded by crystal-clear turquoise water. It welcomes you to a morning walk or jog. Tropical palm trees provide shade to the early morning songbirds; fresh breezes gently push calm, white waves to the shoreline. When you start with a perfect beach, everything else is a breeze.
Four years ago, my wife and I decided to build our own home in the Bahamas. We wanted a home where we could feel protected, comfortable and peaceful. We wanted an environment that was conducive to child rearing, since we have three young children. Whilst searching for those characteristics of our ideal home, we came across Shoreline and found the home of our desire.
Shoreline has done an awesome job constructing quality, durable homes for current and prospective homeowners. They have done so by fostering an environment that is hospitable, clean, safe, relaxing and peaceful.
Because of the proximity of the beach, homeowners can enjoy the comfort of fresh sea breezes. The beach is frequently visited by me and the other homeowners of this property who engage in exercise, mind-clearing activities, relaxation or family activities. Also, the lake, the landscaping and the maintenance of the environment are important factors in having peace and serenity. When we look through our windows or stand at the door, we feel pleasant warmth from seeing the green grass and the many flowers and trees that so beautifully decorate the area.
In addition, our children can go outside and play with other children in the neighborhood, enjoy both the small swimming pools and the community swimming pool, and of course, the newly constructed tennis courts. On the same token, we find even more comfort in the fact that we are securely protected because of the gates that enclose the properties. The gated community is ideal for families with small children and was one of the premier reasons for us to deciding to own a home here.
In essence, Shoreline has met just about every homeowner's dream. With the management's determination to provide quality construction and ideal homes, I'm assured that there are many more things to look forward to in the near future, mainly a gym and a lap swimming pool. I'm also assured that this development company and homeowners' association will continue to uphold its mandate, which is to provide a safe, clean and peaceful atmosphere, and to secure and safeguard the interest of every owner.
In conclusion, I would like to congratulate Steve Jervis for a well thought-out, well planned and well built community."
Steve & Carol Raad - Lucaya, Grand Bahama Island
"With South Florida's real estate market booming, many buyers have chosen to bypass the sunshine state for other, more exotic locales. Tropical islands like the nearby Bahamas offer beautiful ocean views but with more of a laid-back vacation feeling than in the United States, for less money and best of all without the property taxes.
Like many couples searching for a vacation home, Mike Stomberg, CEO of a Chicago-based pharmaceutical consulting business, and his wife Stephanie, an attorney, looked at property in South Florida. "But the real estate prices had just gone nuts and we couldn't get the same house that we could get in the Bahamas…and frankly, we wouldn't want to." said Mike, who was hooked after spending a weekend on Grand Bahama Island.
"It's a different feel than Florida-it's a little more laid back and that's what we liked about it," said Mike, who wanted to a vacation home far away from the hectic, fast-paced lifestyle in the United States. "The ocean is bluer there, and beaches are beautiful. My wife and I work really hard, so when we get away we really want to get away and you definitely feel like that in the Bahamas."
The Stombergs decided on a four bedroom, ocean-front home in the Shoreline community on Grand Bahamas Island. The new community caters to a growing homebuyer market with 10 neo-traditional styles and prices ranging from $680,000 to more than $2.5 million for 2,800 to 4,500 square-feet of ocean-front property-prices that Florida's real estate market can't even touch.
Mike said he and his wife, along with their eight-year-old son enjoyed the convenience of the community, and that the seven swimming pools and "quick walk down the beach to grab a bite to eat" were big selling points for the family.
"Grand Bahama is very close to the states. We can hop right down there from Chicago and the community is in a perfect location with the Lucaya airport right there," said Mike. "The infrastructure was also really important to us, services such as high-speed internet access are a necessity because my wife and I both have jobs where we need to stay in-touch."
The Stombergs decision to purchase a vacation home just outside of the United States is indicative of a real estate shift for second home buyers, according to demographers who say that most Baby Boomers feel they can negotiate a better deal outside of the U.S.
"And modern communications and transportations make it that much easier to stay in touch or catch a last-minute flight to enjoy a long weekend at the beach," said Steve Jervis, owner and president of Shoreline, a 26-acre master-planned gated community on Grand Bahama Island.
Studies show Shoreline has tapped a hot and emerging market. U.S. sales of second and vacation homes surged to 2.82 million properties in 2004, up 16.3 percent from the year prior, noted the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Vacation homes accounted for 13 percent of all homes purchased.
Although the laid-back and friendly Bahamian lifestyle might have been the final selling point for their new vacation home, the Stombergs said the tax-break was also hard to resist. Tax freedom is an often-overlooked benefit in the coastal real estate market.
"For people from places like Florida, where property tax rates have skyrocketed, this tax-free environment is becoming an increasingly attractive area to purchase coastal real estate," said Jervis.
That translates to an extra $20,000 of pocket money on a million dollar home, which can be a big savings.
"The tax situation certainly had an impact," said Mike. "But most importantly was the lifestyle-the look and feel and the people on the island. When we get away to the Bahamas it's always a different feeling and that's what we wanted.""
Mike & Stephanie Stomberg - Deefield, Illinois
"We saw an advert for Shoreline in a magazine. As a family (we have four grown-up daughters) we liked the idea of a home in the winter sun. So we went for a short holiday on Grand Bahama, staying at Our Lucaya and inspected Shoreline (our girls are very critical-we have had homes abroad before).
From the beginning we were impressed with the location, the quality of the houses, the efficiency of the operation and the two brummies responsible (they're actually up market brummies and good guys).
We bought No. 33, had it furnished by Douglas Design in Florida and have lived happily ever after.
Every year we invite family and friends and we all have a thoroughly good time.
The island is gradually developing in a controlled sort of way, which we are sure guarantees that anyone who buys property there will never regret it.
We would recommend Shoreline to anyone (and do!)"
Alan & Wendy English - Northhampton, U.K.
"Shoreline is an extremely attractive community of individual homes, sympathetically designed and built to take full advantage of living in the Bahamas. Set in a lovely sub-tropical garden of trees and flowering shrubs attracting many beautiful birds, bordered by a white sandy beach and warm turquoise sea this has to be the perfect recipe for complete rest and relaxation."
Angela Crane - Lucaya, Grand Bahama Island
"The purchase of a new home, generally speaking, is fraught with stresses and strains, often a mixture of unrealistically high expectations leading to disappointment that issues are not resolved by the builders in a timely and caring manner.
How refreshing it was, therefore, to have developers whose entire team seemed to go out of their way to make our purchase a pleasant and comforting experience. We cannot praise too highly the efforts of Shoreline in the way it conducts its business and for the delivery of a beautiful home."
Geoff & Diane Collins - Lincolnshire, U.K.
"I first visited Grand Bahama to view a plot at Shoreline. After discussions with the developers (KST) I agreed to buy one of their standard houses to be built on the plot.
Few if any changes to the standard design were required as I was able to view a similar house that had already been completed and was delighted with both the specification and the final result. My only real requirements were a modest adjustment in the aspect of the property and a change in the position of the steps down from the deck - KST agreed to my requests.
A holding deposit was paid and solicitors were instructed. I decided to utilise the offer of free legal costs by utilizing the vendor's lawyers for the purposes of the sale/purchase. I simultaneously took separate legal advice relating to the structure of the purchase and other issues from another partner in the same firm. The cost of this was about $3,000.
The terms of the transaction were clearly explained and/or set out in the documentation/brochures made available to me by KST including the impact of the various covenants to which all homeowners are obligated. The initial legal process, though slow, was completed to my satisfaction.
The house was completed 2 months earlier than expected and handed over by KST.
I declined the use of the recommended interior designers and chose to order the household furniture and contents via the Internet. All the goods were delivered and installed with minimal damage in early June supervised by myself - a somewhat stressful experience but considerable savings were achieved by following this route.
Following occupation a number of small issues arose which needed attention from KST. A list was established and worked on by KST. My experience has been that KST is committed to resolving all such snagging issues even those which arise some months even years after handover (this is almost inevitable as most houses are not in full time occupation).
One issue did arise following the completion of my house. The adjacent house was being developed and its proximity and bulk was giving me some cause for concern. The plans provided by KST at the time of purchase clearly indicated the intended position of the houses but the slight change in aspect of my unit had established a 'pinch point'.
In a short meeting with KST they showed understanding of my concern and it was verbally agreed to make certain changes, which eliminated such concerns. KST kept to their word and the completed unit fits in well with its surroundings.
The agreement to change the aspect of my property had also caused the driveway to be built on land outside my 'plot'. This issue was bought to the attention of KST whom without hesitation agreed to chart the land involved and make an additional transfer of the title thereto. Their lawyers at no cost to me are currently handling this.
KST have handled themselves in a professional manner throughout my dealings with them. Indeed they have gone above and beyond that which might be expected of a developer in order to ensure that I as a homeowner am completely satisfied with both the product and the community. Though the legal process is somewhat slow, this is not unique to the Bahamas, but many small arrangements have been informally agreed and completed by KST to my satisfaction.
KST show considerable concern with regard to homeowner issues and have always acted, in my experience, in the interests thereof. The actions taken by KST following the hurricanes were exceptional and what damage there was had been remedied within months whereas many individual homeowners elsewhere on the island are still carrying out repairs some nine months after the storm. On my return to the island it was difficult to see much difference other than to some of the gardens/plants, which were still recovering."
Russell Richards - Colchester, U.K.
"We are proud to say we are one of Shoreline's first buyers and we could see the ultimate potential of the community for its top quality construction and prime location. Today we are impressed with the way in which the commitment of the developers and ongoing growth of Shoreline continue to underscore our initial vision.
We are sure that upon its completion, Shoreline will indeed provide the model upon which all other high-end residential/vacation developments of this nature might well be based."
Allen Duerden - Berkshire, U.K.
"The stunning natural beauty of Grand Bahama completely stole our hearts. After just two days we knew that Shoreline was for us. We continue to be impressed by the quality of the build and construction of each of the properties and it was clear that there is no compromise on quality. Everything was of a high standard, from the facilities for the kitchen and the bathrooms to the communal areas of the development.
We feel spoiled by the choices of first-class dining including superb cafes and restaurants plus a wide selection of international cuisines such as Italian, Greek, Chinese, Indian, French and of course Caribbean.
We are very happy with the nightlife and shopping as well. The Our Lucaya and Royal Oasis casinos are popular entertainment venues at night, and there's plenty of good shopping with luxury brands, designer labels duty and tax-free. The marina is well known for attracting plenty of beautiful yachts and boats and is a lovely place to visit for a stroll.
The most important thing is that Grand Bahama offers plenty to do, with something for each of our family's age groups."
Des Anderson - Hampshire, U.K.
"I've found a haven along with a few other folks, all from different parts of the world. A gated community neighborhood on the island of Grand Bahama.
We have our individual dwellings where one can live privately or socially in houses of many designs and colors. I enjoy peaceful strolling through the grounds were the flowers and shrubs are always in bloom and stopping to chat with my neighbors. This is a place for families, as you will see parents, children and pets along with the aged. I really appreciate gathering for a community BBQ from time to time. I have found some good friends at Shoreline, people who genuinely care for one another. Others may tell you about the beauty of nature that we enjoy, the sea and the beach, but to me it is the people who are most important.
This is also a very progressive area with many buildings still going up which calls for good reliable workmen. I was here to watch my place go up. The workmen were courteous and always glad to give a greeting and call me by name. I feel it a privilege to have found a friend in Steve Jervis, his wife Tracey and their family. They have put a lot of hard work into making this community the success that it is. To them I especially want to say thanks.
When you come to visit the island please come and check us out and drop by my place, the one with the widows' walk and say hello."
Dolly MacDonald - Vancouver, Canada
"We always dreamt of owning a stylish Caribbean hideaway home built on the edge of a paradise beach. Better still a house with all the modern day comforts none of us can live without, plus swimming pools, tennis courts - all surrounded by lush, tropical gardens. Our dream came true last year - we have a beautiful house at Shoreline on Grand Bahama Island where we have found the welcome as warm as the sea!
Owned by an English Property Development Company, Shoreline have found a magic formula to build large, detached properties for families of all shapes and sizes in such a way as to create a community whilst maintaining privacy and an independent lifestyle for the residents.
The properties are built to a very high (hurricane resistant) standard and despite there being only half a dozen styles to choose from, they all seem unique. We had an opportunity to choose a style of house, the colour of the exterior and the roof as well as making quite significant changes to the design of interior space. Kitchens, bathrooms, tiles, granite worktops were all chosen by us and nothing was too much trouble - even when we changed our mind a few times! The result? A made to measure holiday home that is even better in reality than it was in our dream!"
House No. 24 - Essex, U.K.
"Our first visit to Shoreline was just after hurricane season, which caused some damage to many Bahamian properties. We were impressed to find that barring damage to vegetation, there was no visible structural damage to any Shoreline properties. The Shoreline homes are attractive, solidly built and well finished and the grounds beautifully planted and well maintained. We recently decided to invest in a Shoreline house and have experienced a very smooth process. We have been assisted every step of the way efficiently and effectively toward completing paperwork and identifying and establishing our individual building requirements. The building work has proceeded in our absence exactly as promised and we look forward to its completion. All our requirements were carefully considered and discussed and competently dealt with, we look forward to joining the community at Shoreline."
Joyce & Norman Hinde - Guernsey, Channel Islands
"Our experience at Shoreline has exceeded all our expectations. The quality of the homes and landscaping match the superb seaside setting in Grand Bahama.
We have made many friends at Shoreline and in the community in a short period of time. It is a great place to visit with family and friends. They love it!
Our initial plan was to schedule short visits to Shoreline, but we have extended our stay on many occasions. That says it all."
Marlene & Paul Dolan - Rochester, Vermont
"We visited Freeport, Bahamas and stayed at Our Lucaya for two years before buying a home at Shoreline. Our first impression was the gorgeous houses, landscaping, and facilities. Also, we felt completely secure and safe with our families. The Bahamians could not be nicer, they always make us feel welcomed and have a genuine side to them. With the beach being just steps away, Shoreline location is exactly perfect for us. We are very pleased with how Shoreline has developed and become a beautiful community."
Paula Lamson - Warwick, Rhode Island
"My wife and I immediately felt at home in Grand Bahama when we visited for the first time to consider buying a home in the Bahamas. Our first visit to Shoreline only confirmed this feeling as the properties could only be described as stunning. The houses are built in clusters of 10, which all have decking with lush garden views and intimate lagoon swimming pools. The private, yet social, impressed us setting. Each cluster has its own barbecue area for those evenings that you may wish to share with your neighbours. The developers living on site make it very convenient and accommodating for resident communications and requests. Apart from all of this, the island enjoys tax-free status and this can be useful if you are looking for a carefree retirement. We are extremely pleased with our purchase and are confident it was a wise investment. All economic indicators point to this being the case, as international developers continue to make huge investments in improving and developing the residential and commercial properties on Grand Bahama Island."
Peter & Jenny Lee - Kent, U.K.
"My wife and I have had an apartment in The Bahamas for over twenty years. For some years we have been considering the purchase of a property and as a property developer in London, I was quite happy to buy either a new property or alternatively buy a plot of land and then build a house to our own particular design.
We first visited Shoreline in November and were delighted with what we saw. The development was only about thirty percent complete, but it was obvious at that stage that it was going to look absolutely superb on completion and fitted with our requirements admirably.
We exchanged contracts soon after our visit and had intended to visit the property during the construction, but unfortunately my mother's illness and subsequent death precluded this.
Our next visit to Shoreline was in April when the building was complete. I have to say we were extremely delighted with the completed house and the developers had done everything we had expected of them and more.
Our own experiences are such that we would recommend the development and these developers to any prospective purchaser as they have done everything they have promised to do to a very good standard in addition to have proved most helpful in assisting with such things as bank accounts, telephone installation, etc., etc."
Roger & Rowena Taylor - Surrey, U.K.
"Mick and I have lived on Shoreline for almost three years. We live here full-time as Mick works as a chief financial officer at the ship-repair yard on Grand Bahama.
This is not a holiday home for us but our main residence therefore we were quite choosy when it came to buying a house. Having looked around Freeport, Shoreline stood out as an exceptional development and only one of its kind. It is a pleasure to sweep through the gates and see the gardens always looking so beautiful and kept so neatly ... without us having to lift a finger either!
We chose our particular style of house, a Camellia, as we liked the upstairs balcony. Saturdays and Sundays are days when we can have coffee and croissants on the balcony and look out over the lake and gardens in the morning sunshine.
We like the downstairs' open plan and having a study for the first time was a bonus for us.
The house is finished to a high standard and the marble countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms are probably the best feature of the houses on Shoreline. Never again will I go back to Formica countertops! We furnished the property with good quality furniture from the United States and have had many compliments on the house and grounds from visitors, both friends from Grand Bahama and visitors from England.
The beach is only a few minutes walk away and before we bought a cruising boat we would walk down to the beach restaurants, either Club Caribe or Banana Bay, on a Saturday or Sunday. Both are just the right distance for a short stroll and serve excellent food and cocktails.
We didn't have a choice as to which paradise island to live on due to the location of the shipyard but we have found that being so near the coast of Florida convenient for him to attend board meetings while I go shopping, catch a direct flight back to the UK or take our boat for its annual service very convenient.
The climate here is wonderful and when it does rain at least it's dramatic and picturesque and, more importantly, short lived.
Since living here we now know the island extremely well and are satisfied that we made the right decision first time when we bought; we consider this a good investment and are pleased we did what we did.
We have met the most interesting and lovely people from all areas of England and northern America mostly, but with Mick working we find it hard to keep up with the excellent social life here. Frankly, we could do with a holiday home to get some rest!"
Caraline Myatt - Lucaya, Grand Bahama Island
"Buying a second home in the Bahamas presented many first-time experiences for my husband and I. Living in the Midwest for the past 25 years, we had always purchased older homes in established neighborhoods. However, from the first time we walked along the beach and discovered the Shoreline community, we have never regretted the leap-of-faith we took. Working with Steve and Keith Jervis has been a pleasure because of their professionalism and commitment to this development.
Some of our first-time experiences included the decision-making required in building a new home. We thought we may run into a lot of roadblocks building outside of the U.S. however, our home was finished in a timely manner despite the recovery from a difficult hurricane season. In the past, I had always done my own decorating and buying from local stores. Decorating a home in the Bahamas seemed overwhelming until I was introduced through Shoreline to a wonderful decorator who put my husband and I completely at ease. With her talent and expertise, she created a beautiful interior complete with all of the accessories a household needs. For the first time, many of the day-to-day maintenance issues that we typically took care of are now handed over to the experts at Shoreline.
My husband and I see ourselves as very conservative in our decision-making over the years. Shoreline felt "right" to us and we have greatly enjoyed our new home in Grand Bahama."
Chuck & Laura Pisciotta - Columbus, Ohio
"As residents of the UK, we bought our beach-front home at Shoreline primarily as an investment.
Since then we have enjoyed several family holidays here and each time leave with a heavy heart and dragging feet.
The location is idyllic: white sandy beach and beautiful sea. There are plenty of good restaurants her but in reality, we are loathed to stir from our deck.
Shoreline is well run and nothing is too much trouble for the developers. George looks after our house and when we arrive it is ready for us with beds made and provisions in the fridge!"
Nick & Karen Millar - West Sussex, U.K.
"As native Bahamians and one of the early owners of Shoreline, we have had the privilege of watching the transformation of this development from a dream on paper into the stunning reality of the tropical paradise that it is to date.
What Shoreline has proven to be far exceeded our expectations. It was not just another beach development, but a lifestyle that promoted a mixture of luxury homes, desirous amenities, a genuinely friendly environment with a melting pot of nationalities, personalities and cultures.
It is one of the few places in Freeport that offers the complete package of what a second home should be. We love it!"
Spencer & Tanya Mallory - Lucaya, Grand Bahama Island
"We visited Shoreline after living on the island for 5 years, and needless to say, we fell in love and realized this would be our place to call home.
We were most impressed with the quality and design of the homes, the properly manicured lush landscaping, and the fact that the development is situated on a most beautiful sandy white beach with clear turquoise water. This would be wonderful for our family, especially our grandchildren, and friends to visit.
Working with the developers while building our home was a most positive experience.
The natural setting of the lake, the gorgeous tropical pool and bar add to the sheer beauty of living at Shoreline. A true sense of community living exists. Homeowners are from all parts of the world and what a great time is had by all when we meet at happy hour several times per week.
A close proximity to shopping , schools, golf, medical clinics, etc, make shoreline a desirable location."
Beth & Bernard Goodman - Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
"Shoreline is paradise! Dealing with the developers has been a pleasure. We defy anyone to find a better run development in the Caribbean. We are looking forward to spending long hot lazy days gazing at the ocean!"
Alison & Martin Davis - London, U.K.
"I am in the fortunate position to be able to work from anywhere. My partner, Cathy, and I were undecided for a while where in the world this would be. We came to look at Shoreline on a bit of a whim with a view to purchasing an investment property. I knew within the 24 hours of arrival that this would be a fine quality investment and we soon decided to buy (probably at some point during the 25th hour). All the houses we viewed were of great quality and solid construction was evident from the partially built houses on site. The development team at KST also gave us great confidence during our discussions. I realise now this stemmed from confidence in their own product. Our legal fees and stamp duty were paid by the developers which meant there were no hidden or 'surprising' costs at purchase.
During the year we waited for our beautiful house to be completed we decided we might move here to live with our young son. Our fate was sealed after further visits when the place seemed more beautiful each time we came. We haven't regretted our move for a second. The gardens are a cultivated paradise with lots of birds and other wildlife associated with the lovely beach. The Island generally is in a good state for development and potential for growth here is enormous! Bahamians are very polite and friendly and we have had no unexpected negative experiences... we were expecting the pace of life to drop, and it has. No problem.
We also like the proximity to the U.S.A. and other parts of the Caribbean, so when 'island fever' sets in, we are a 30 minute flight from Miami... and all it's traffic, crime, pollution, millions of people... err... hang on a minute...
In only a few months here, we have met some great people at Shoreline and on Grand Bahama. We feel very much at home here. The Shoreline development has exceeded our expectations and we love it."
Tony & Cathy - Isle of Mann, U.K.
"Here we are sipping our iced tea on the verandah overlooking the Blue heron Pond surrounded by lush tropical gardens. We love our new home at Shoreline, a charming Caribbean house by the sea. Our early morning walks with our dog beau along the sandy shores is the ideal way to start the day. The neighborliness in this gated community is so welcoming and friendly and the weekly social nights down at the pool bar is a great way to meet them and their guests."
Bill & Lois Porter - Toronto, Canada
"My wife and I recently purchased a house at Shoreline, and we are extremely delighted about the purchase.
We live in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A., and, at first, considered purchasing a vacation property on the Grand Bahama Island, based upon the close proximity of the island to the U.S.A. and particularly Atlanta - only 1.5 hours by air. Prior to our visit to Shoreline, we were a little skeptical about purchasing a property, but we decided to visit the island anyway out of curiosity, and the developers made it easy for us by providing a guest house for our visit.
We were very pleasantly surprised about the island and Shoreline. The island has beautiful beaches with plenty of great snorkeling, a vast network of canals, very good roads (excellent for bicycling), etc. The island is peaceful and is not very crowded, yet has all of the necessary amenities to make life easy and fun - grocery stores, hardware stores, ship ports with docks, good restaurants, casinos, etc.
Furthermore, the Shoreline subdivision turned out to be one of the best, if not the best, subdivision on the island. The subdivision is well kept. The landscaping is impeccable. The feel of the subdivision is international, with owners from around the world. Those that live and own there are very friendly. The beaches just off of the subdivision are beautiful, and the snorkeling is excellent. You can see coral heads, various colorful fish, starfish, lobsters, etc. The many pools of the subdivision are also a big plus.
When we decided to purchase a Shoreline house, the developers were extremely easy to work with, and the workmanship associated with the construction of the house was excellent. Any issues associated with the construction were immediately and fully addressed. The developers truly stand behind their product.
We expect that housing prices will continue to climb in Shoreline over time and believe that we have made a great investment. At some point, we plan to live at Shoreline on a more permanent basis. You should strongly consider a visit to Shoreline. You will likely fall in love with it, as we did. "
House #30 - Atlanta, Georgia
"My wife and I made our first ever visit to Grand Bahama Island. On the second day of our vacation we were strolling along the beautiful Fortune Beach when we came across Shoreline. We were entranced by the colorful houses, lush landscaping and the spectacular oceanside location.
On the very next day we were welcomed to the development by the friendly, efficient and professional Shoreline team headed by Steve and Keith Jervis. In the course of a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting tour of the site it was evident that the homes were of superb construction and design. The quality of finish was outstanding, and we were attracted by the attention paid to the details not least in the landscaping and plantings. All our questions were answered immediately and there was absolutely no "sales pressure." Before leaving the island three days later to return to New York we had committed to buying a new home at Shoreline, and we were not even house hunting!
In thirty years of buying and selling houses, in the US and the UK, the purchase of a home at Shoreline was far and away the easiest and least stressful. Almost the hardest decision was whether to choose a pink or yellow exterior finish.
We are delighted with our decision to buy at Shoreline and have no hesitation in recommending this beautiful, secure, accessible and well managed development on a truly friendly island. "
Joan and Ivor Simpson - Jersey City, New Jersey
"We bought our house on Shoreline as an investment and have only been able to visit for short periods. However there has always been a strong rental market and also a substantial increase in the value of the houses over this period.
We are looking forward to spending more time there in the future following our retirement. We are pleased with the overall level of care and maintenance provided by Shoreline Management"
Patricia and Roger Barkley - Sydney, Australia
"We moved here 3 months ago to live full time on this beautiful island. Within this short period of time it became clear to us we had made the right decision. We are very happy we chose a house in the Shoreline development. As in our opinion it is a secure upscale gated community on Grand Bahama Island. The landscape and setting is beautiful and very well maintained, and best of all it is included in the HOA fees, meaning it's work free for the homeowners. The pool and bar areas are fun, which host cocktail evenings and private parties. It is as peaceful and relaxing as you want it to be, together with the fact that you never feel alone, as everyone we have met has been welcoming, nice and friendly. The short walk to the beach is refreshing and our evening stroll is a perfect end to the day. What a great life living on a beach location. We would highly recommend shoreline for the lifestyle you dream about."
Avney Family - Weston, Florida
"I would like to thank the entire staff of Shoreline Properties particularly, Steve and Keith Jervis, for making my experience of building a home outside the United States be a most enjoyable one. I bought the home in June and showed up the last week of October to move in. I had been looking for properties on several islands in the Caribbean for over three years before deciding on Shoreline. While many of the islands are very beautiful, Grand Bahama has some very unique advantages; it's close proximity to the United States gives you the comfort of being near a major airport which can get you to any city in the world very quickly. Even if you had to charter a flight it would take less than a hour to get to Ft. Lauderdale, Miami or Orlando to make any flight connection you needed to.
I especially enjoy Lucaya - it's pace, entertainment and restaurants. My retreat to Shoreline has been one of the best decisions I've made and my entire family is looking forward to many rewarding years in paradise.
Once again, thnaks to everyone and also to my new set of friends."
Jerry Hill - Cocoa Beach, FL

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