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Welcome to Shoreline

We’ve put this package of information together with the idea of helping you feel at home here as quickly as possible, giving you a leg up on all the best places on the island, so that you can jumpstart your enjoyment of island life here in paradise.

It’s the kind of insider information that most people discover over time, by word of mouth, comparing notes with neighbours and friends over a pint at the pub, or savouring a proper “cuppa” at teatime. We hope these notes and resources will put you in touch more quickly with all the best the island has to offer, freeing you up for more important happy hour conversations, such as regaling friends with the size of the fish you caught, or the pair of birdies you managed on the back nine. We hope this information will also ease your transition into “island time” as quickly as possible ... it’s a special time zone that can be summed up in a quote that we’re considering having needlepointed onto decorative throw pillows:

“Que bonito es no hacer nada, y luego descansar.”


“How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then rest afterward.”

Please feel free to call on us if there is a need for additional information, or any way whatsoever, that we can assist in making your stay at Shoreline more wonderful, convenient, or lighthearted.


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Crisgo Maintenance: George and Tina Fox 373-5145 (home) 727-1759 (cell phone)

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Shoreline Security - Via Radio (7:00 p.m. - 7:00 a.m.)

Ambulance - 352-2689

Rand Memorial Hospital - 352-6735

Police - 911

Fire - 911; 352-8888

BASRA (Bahamas Air Sea Rescue Association) - 352-2628

New Sunrise Medical Centre & Hospital - 373-3333

Grand Bahama Power Emergency - 352-8411

Water & Sewerage Emergency - 352-8411

American Express Lost Travellers Cheques - 1-800-221-7282

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Canadian Consulate (Nassau) - 1-242-393-2123

American Embassy (Nassau) - 1 242-322-1181


First Caribbean International Bank - 352-8391 / 352-6651

Royal Bank of Canada - 352-6631

ScotiaBank - 352-6774

AT&T - 1-800-872-2881

Long Distance Operator - 0

Time of Day - 917

Weather by Phone - 915

Directory Assistance - 916

Telegrams by Telephone - 910

Telephone Repairs - 914

Post Office - 352-9371

U.S. Mail/Package Forwarding—G.B. Express - 351-6695

Limousines-H.Forbes Charter - 352-9311

Preferred Taxi Drivers (cell phones direct to driver)

Henry Bruce Limo/Taxi Service - 352-9889 (Home) 359-5943 (Cell)

Queenie Gibson - 477-8284

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The Shoreline community is built on a foundation of trust.

At Shoreline we have our covenants and our rules and regulations to communicate our commitment to a quality life style and in maintaining the most exacting standards of comfort and luxury, a place where dreams come true daily.

We also believe that our commitment is more distinctively communicated by simply observing the very harmonious and aesthetically pleasing environment our architects, landscapers, designers, maintenance staff, and residents have created — a picture that speaks much more clearly to the benefits of cooperation and respect required for living the good life.

We thank you for making thoughtful choices in your day to day activities, and for using sound judgement, or erring on the side of caution, if there is any question as to how the actions of you or your family may impact a neighbour’s sense of well being, privacy, or enjoyment of this beautiful and tranquil shared environment.

We salute and trust the intelligence, caring, and good sense that naturally come forth when people inspire one another with random acts of kindness and ongoing self-restraint that are the cornerstones of a successful and pleasurable existence.

There is a sense of timelessness in island living that mirrors the time-honoured and longstanding traditions of order, cleanliness, peace, beauty, quiet, solitude, and respect for property and all living things, so vital to the long term enhancement of life.

We welcome you to the community of Shoreline, and thank you for adding your own sensitivity and serenity to our relaxed and elegantly understated way of life.

Here’s to “the sweet life”

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The remote control “clicker” will open the main gate to Shoreline — in or out.

When you have guests, they can locate a three-digit code by pressing the “help” key and accessing an alphabetic directory of residents at Shoreline. When entered, the code number that corresponds with your Shoreline house will ring in your home, and you then press the number “9” on your telephone, which will open the gate. Guests will need to push 1007 on the exit gate keypad to open the gate when they leave.

Please be sure to return the clicker upon your departure from the island. There is only one clicker, so please take care. If the clicker is lost or not returned, you will be responsible for a charge for the replacement cost.


The veranda doors require a key to lock. Pull up on the handle, and then up again before turning the key clockwise to lock. To unlock, turn the key counter-clockwise.We suggest leaving the key in the door when locked, so that you can unlock it quickly in the unlikely event of an emergency. The doors are hurricane-proof to meet local building codes which were written to the same, or higher, specifications as the Miami/Dade County building codes in Florida.

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We are often asked what the cute little creatures are that look like baby dinosaurs. They’re called curly-tailed lizards and are found only in the northern Bahamas. They are as fast and fun to watch as they are harmless. Children can amuse themselves for hours chasing them!

The rest of the “wildlife” on the island is equally tame. There are no poisonous snakes of any kind in The Bahamas, only the odd garden snake, which can’t hurt you, and are very seldom seen on the grounds. The large spiders that may be weaving webs here and there among the lush tropical foliage are known as “banana” spiders. Big as they are, they are also perfectly harmless.

We don’t struggle with mosquitoes as much as some islands, but despite regular spraying and appropriate pesticide maintenance, there is the occasional fire ant hill, so do watch out for what can look like a sandhill in the grass, and warn the children that playing with sand is best left for the beach.

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Professional security is on duty 7 days a week. There are patrols through the grounds and along the beach. If you should require assistance, you may contact them by radio, or see the Emergency Phone Listings in the front of this booklet.


If you hear something making a noise in the night, chances are it’s the refrigerator’s icemaker, and not the boogey man! The icemaker can make a bit of a clatter, and is one of the perfectly normal sounds that become normal and are recognizable as you spend more time in the house. Other than that, Shoreline is generally quite peaceful and quiet, so rest easy.


Although bottled water is readily available throughout the island, our natural water supply has been called one of the cleanest and best in the world. A former hotelier had Grand Bahama’s water tested by a top European laboratory several years back, and reported that he would rank our water on a scale as highly as any natural spring water anywhere, even Perrier!

The water is so pure because it comes from clear lenses of fresh water that range from 20 to 60 feet deep, just under the island, and is naturally filtered through the underlying limestone. The water is hard—packed with natural minerals and calcium that is picked up from the limestone. The average annual rainfall of 52 inches replenishes the water lenses, which have the capacity, with safe and conservative use, to supply a population of up to 250,000 people (there are currently only 50,000 on the island).


For help with any maintenance situation, please call our resident Maintenance/Electrician expert, George Fox. He can be reached on his cell phone 727-1759, or at his home number: 373-5145. No problem is too large or too small. Please give George a call if you need a hand.


The air conditioning in the house is zoned. There are air conditioning systems and controls for the thermostats on each floor.

Using the ceiling fans can lower the perceived temperature by about ten degrees, and helps conserve energy and the environment.

The air conditioners are extremely efficient, so feel free to turn the thermostats up to 90 degrees when you leave the house — it will take only moments to cool the house when you return. Being conscious of keeping doors and windows closed while the air conditioners are operating will also save lots of energy.


On Monday through Friday, rubbish and garbage in tied plastic bag that is placed outside on the grass in front of your door will be collected by Shoreline Maintenance before 10 a.m. Please put the garbage out only in the mornings. If left outside overnight, the odd stray dog may decorate the lawn with it!

On weekends, garbage can be carried to the dumpster, which is located outside the main gate.


Our swimming pools are cleaned five times a week. If you see a stray pine needle or the occasional bug in the pool, there is a net by the pool that you can use to fish it out.

There are no life guards on duty at any time. Swim at your own risk.

No swimming in pool or hot tub before 7 a.m. or after 9 p.m. For safety reasons, children under the age of 16 are not allowed in the hot tub/jacuzzi, and must be supervised in all of the pools. The main freshwater lake is very deep and absolutely no swimming or fishing is permitted.

Music allowed at pool and beach areas only on low-volume personal headsets.


The tennis courts are available for your use. Please adhere to the rules posted at the courts.


At Shoreline, we strive to provide “seclusion, but not isolation.”

When you’re ready to get in touch with the office, or family and friends back home, it’s easy to keep in touch.

Most of the homes have telephones already installed that are provided for convenience for local calls.You will be responsible for paying for all long distance charges incurred during your stay, and long distance rates in The Bahamas are very expensive.


Cable Bahamas provides both high-speed internet service and the Cable TV infrastructure that is standard throughout Shoreline. With easy access, you’ll have all the news from the outside world (if you want it!).

Getting Mail & Packages

Mail is delivered only to rented boxes at the Main Post Office downtown. G.B. Express operates a daily flight weekdays between Ft. Lauderdale and Grand Bahama, and can be relied upon as a delivery address and shopping/shipping service for packages and to post letters and cards via the U.S. Postal System. G.B. Express: 351-6695.


Practical Details:


The cooktop is made of fragile glass. Please do not attempt to clean the cooktop when the “hot surface” light is illuminated. The change in temperature could crack the glass.

Marble Floors

The marble floors can stain easily and quickly—particularly with wine or fruit juice. Please wipe up any spills immediately.

Use only a soap-based stone cleaner to clean the marble. Please do not clean the floors with bleach, vinegar, or any product containing even a mild acid. These will etch the surface.


There are ATM machine that accepts all major credit cards at the Port Lucaya Marketplace branch of the Royal Bank of Canada and also at the main entrance to the Grand Lucayan hotel and again at the Casino.

There are a number of branches of international banks throughout the island. Always take appropriate photo ID’s and passports, even for cashing traveller’s cheques.

Bahamian dollars are on par with the U.S. dollar, with one U.S. dollar being equivalent to one Bahamian dollar. All shops and restaurants happily accept either U.S. or Bahamian currency.

You can expect to pay a small commission when changing traveller’s cheques for Bahamian dollars, and when converting local currency into U.S. dollars.

Banks are open Monday through Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., and on Fridays from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Traffic Rules

Grand Bahama follows the old British custom of driving on the left-hand side of the road. Remember to keep left, even though you’ll find most of the rental cars have the steering wheel on the left side since we’re closer to the American market, making those cars more prevalent.

Be sure to look BOTH ways when crossing streets. It’s easy to look the opposite direction and miss an approaching car, especially if you’re accustomed to traffic that drives on the other side! Also note that the traffic lights here are overhead - watch for them.

While driving within Shoreline, please drive very slowly and cautiously being careful to watch for children at play.

Power Voltage

The electrical power voltages and wiring in The Bahamas is the same as it is in the United States, so you won’t need any special adapters if appliances are designed for the U.S. system.

Visiting Yachts

If you’re looking for a great place to dock your yacht, or a marina for friends who may be arriving for a visit by boat, we highly recommend Lucayan Marina. Their state-of-the-art deep water marina features 150 slips, a high-volume fueling station, modern dockside utilities, satellite TV, bath, laundry and waste pumpout facilities on site, fax and internet access, a complimentary water taxi to the neighbouring Westin at Our Lucaya Beach & Golf Resort, and an Official Port of Entry/24-hour Customs & Immigration Dock Office. For reservations, tell Jim Goodrum at Lucayan Marina that we recommended you call: 242-373-8888.

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The Dolphin Experience

This is an amazing up-close-and-personal chance to get acquainted with a pod of charming Atlantic bottle-nosed dolphins, many of whom are movie stars. This is not a show, but a highly educational yet fun interaction, allowing the dolphins to come up and touch and be touched by you! There are also programs available to swim with the dolphins in the open ocean, and to act as all-day Assistant Trainers. A very popular, don’t-miss event that you will always remember. Reservations can be made at The Underwater Explorer’s Society, or by calling 373-1250.

The Underwater Explorer’s Society

One of the oldest and most respected names in underwater excursions. Learn-to-Dive, Shark Dives, Shipwreck Dives, Cave Dives, Snorkel Trips and Certification Courses are available in an all new facility that also has a gift shop with a great selection of masks, fins, and snorkeling equipment.
373-1244, open Monday through Sunday.

Xanadu Undersea Dives

This is also a top-rated facility that features a Shark Dive, and specializes in good rates and Learn to Dive classes. 352-3811.

Grand Bahama Nature Tours

One of our home owners says that the kayak tour is their favorite thing to do and have done it over 10 times! The 90-minute guided tour takes you up and down Gold Rock Creek. The Creek is lined with incredibly gnarly mangroves and other lush vegetation. It’s shady, serene, and incredibly quiet. Look over the side of the kayak and you will see tropical fish. Beginners are welcome. No kayaking experience is necessary. Part of the fun is watching your fellow
travelers discover how sensitive a kayak can be to just a few paddle strokes, particularly if they are in the wrong direction! Children can go if they are with an adult. Life jackets are provided, but most of the trip is no more than shoulder deep, and some of it is down to a few inches of water. Take a lunch and walk to the beach after your excursion. The beach here is one of the best on the island.

Grand Bahama Nature Tours also offers a full day’s tour that will take you back in time with a visit to Water Cay—a quaint settlement off Grand Bahamas’ north shore. A native lunch and a guide let you peek into the history of a place that is very similar to the unhurried way life in the islands was 40 years ago. This full day excursion is moderately strenuous. 373-2485.

Grand Bahama Nature Tours also offers many other tours including cycling, bird watching and a kayak trip to Peterson’s Cay National Park.

Peterson Cay National Park

For those with access to a boat, it is a mile offshore and is surrounded by some of the most active and vibrant coral reefs. A perfect snorkeling and picnic destination. This is a protected natural area: Leave only footprints, take only memories and photos. 352-5438


You can snorkel right off shore in front of Shoreline, but it is much better further out over a reef. You can book a snorkeling tour at Paradise Watersports, 373-4001 , or you can drive out to a place called Paradise Cove (349-2677), which is on the way to Old Bahama Bay on the island’s West End.

It’s a short paddle out to Deadman’s Reef and very colourful fish and corals.

Fishing Boat Charters

Check with Melinda at Paradise Watersports at 373-4001, for charter deep sea fishing trips, complete with coolers, rigs, bait and tackle.

Jet Skiing

The watersports concession at Club Fortuna features jetski rentals or parasailiing — or — call Melinda at Paradise Watersports and ask about Shoreline’s preferential rate for rentals: 373-4001.

Watering Holes — Just Down the Beach

Two local rustic and tropical watering holes are just a short walk down the beach from Shoreline. Turn left on the beach and you’ll find your self at Banana Bay, where you’ll want to say hello to owner/manager, Danilo. Try the piña coladas and conch fritters at Banana Bay.

If you turn right as you walk down the beach you’ll run into Jenks at the Margaritavilla Sand Bar, which is quite unusual, particularly inside (Be sure to brush the sand off your feet before entering!) It has great casual beach fare. None of these places have a dress code; the usual attire is bathing suits and bare feet, so come as you are!

Tony Macaroni’s at Taino Beach

Just down the road on Midshipman Drive, towards town, is Taino Beach (turn left at West Beach and follow the signs). Affectionately known as “The King of Conch”, Tony roasts conch on an open fire, sometimes with lobster or other seafood, and he makes a great conch salad. He is there almost every day except Monday, weather permitting.


If you want to try your hand at the specialized art of shallow water bonefishing, check for reservations at a resort set up just for this sport. North Riding Point Club is on Grand Bahama, but feels like an out-island adventure. 353-4250; Capt. Phil & Mel, McClean’s Town 353-3960 or 353-3023.You can also contact Pelican Bay Hotel who has a great resident bonefish expert who arranges tours: 373-9550.


The Grand Lucayan Hotel & Golf Resort

This is the newest and most-touted resort on Grand Bahama. There are various themed signature restaurants and bars, plus the Senses Spa. It’s worth walking through the landscaped grounds and themed pool area on your way to lunch or dinner. Iries serves Caribbean food with everything from goat to conch for under $20 per person. Willy Broadleaf’s has an expansive (and somewhat expensive) buffet that families love (their breakfast buffet is well worth the price if you turn it into a leisurely brunch!). China Beach offers good Pan Asian food, from sushi to dim sum. Churchill’s is an upscale steak house.

Port Lucaya Marketplace & Marina

Just across from The Grand Lucayan Hotel is the festive shopping, dining, yacht-watching, and entertainment centre known as Port Lucaya Marketplace & Marina. The centre circle at Port Lucaya is known as “Count Basie Square”, named for the famous band leader who made Grand Bahama his second home, and envisioned an open-air gathering place where live music could be enjoyed by all. And that’s exactly what happens most nights during the winter season (and weekends in the summer), with live local Bahamian music and an occasional purple-caped, roller skating limbo dancer doing some interesting things with fire. Some of the waterfront restaurants and bars are better than others ... here are our favourites:

The Flying Fish

The Finest Dining in the Caribbean. With unmatched service and attention to detail, Flying Fish offers a blend of traditional and modernist cuisine techniques not used anywhere else in the Bahamas. Focusing on local seafood and indigenous ingredients prepared with the utmost skill and creativity. Flying Fish boasts the Bahamas only female Certified Sommelier, Rebecca Tibbitts. Chef Tim Tibbitts is named in the Top 25 Chefs for 2014 in the Caribbean by Caribbean Journal. The restaurant has also been named one of the Top 10 in the Caribbean by TripAdvisor, is Fodor's recommended for Grand Bahama Island and has been awarded 4 Diamond rating by AAA-The first restaurant in Grand Bahama history to achieve this honour.. The Caribbean's finest waterside dining.


This is an elegant, continental restaurant. Very upscale menu and service. Indoor dining and outdoor patio dining is also available. Reservations suggested: 373-9100.

Mollie Malone's Irish Pub

Very popular as a gathering place and watering hole, especially with the local ex-pats. Good, fresh seafood, appetizers, imported beers and wines from around the world, and a casual, friendly atmosphere make this place a hit ... be sure to say hello to “Yvonne” for us when you’re there!


For a taste of Italy, stop by Cappucino's where you can get a fine dining meal in a less formal setting. This easy going nature, mixed with the fresh, imported from Italy ingredients have helped make this restaurant popular to both locals and tourist alike. Cappucino's prepares fresh Italian food and delicate formal appetizers that great food that is both delicious and beautifully arranged. This cute little restaurant is decorated as a porch side cafe, and gives of a cozy home feeling.


Offering traditional Italian cuisine and friendly service, Giovanni's Cafe has become a favorite among both locals and visitors alike. Stop by and try some of their authentic dishes and see for yourself why it has become so popular. The Italian Classics at Giovanni's are familiar to most, and include all the pastas that have made the cuisine famous, as well as the flavorful parmesans, rich soups, and delicious seafood options. If you like Italian food, you should have no problem finding something you like here. The specialty at Giovanni's Cafe, is seafood served Italian style. One can expect the setting and food here to be informal.

Le Med

Le Med presents signature Mediterranean cuisine in a fresh way along the waterfront, overlooking the glass bottom boats and yachts along the dock. Open for breakfast (traditional and local fare), as well as lunch and dinner, Le Med, offers a light and elegant experience with soups, salads, pastas, seafood, and roasted meats highlighting their menu.


The Casino at The Grand Lucayan Hotel opened in December of 2003. From mini-baccarat and Caribbean stud poker, to blackjack and roulette, over 19,000 square feet of gaming activities — including 400 new slot machines and special high limit and VIP player areas — are now open for courting Lady Luck.


For all of these island adventures, you’ll need a car.We recommend Brad’s Car Rental at 352-7930. They have everything from little cars to nice big Jeeps. They will charge anywhere from $50 - $60 per day, depending on what you rent and the time of year. Ask for Bonnie or Robert, and be sure to tell them you’re staying at Shoreline, and that we’ve recommended them.


Grand Bahama has a variety of great golfing with challenging chamionship courses designed by the best in their field ...

The Lucayan Course

Rated “Number One Course in The Bahamas” by Links Magazine, this course has a classic design by the legendary Dick Wilson that features tree-lined fairways with few water hazards, punishing doglegs, and elevated greens that provide simple tests for any golfer. This course is currently undergoing a redevelopment (2015)

Reef Course

Boasting 6,920 yards of links-style playing grounds, this recently opened course was described by the architect, Robert Trent Jones, Jr. as, “a bit like a Scottish course, but a lot warmer!” The course requires precise shotmaking to avoid its numerous lakes, with water on 13 of its 18 holes.

Fortune Hills Golf and Country Club

Popular with both locals, winter residents, and visitors, Fortune Hills 9-hole course has the longest par 5 in The Bahamas. The friendly clubhouse bar makes you feel right at home. Inquire about Fortune Hills Annual Membership Plan if you are visiting the island often.


There are many qualified doctors and health care professionals here on the island, as well as private clinics, including the The Sunrise Medical Centre, and Lucayan Medical Centre East. Sunrise Medical Centre is open until 10 pm: 373-3333. Lucayan Medical East: 373-7400.

Emergency ambulance service is available by dialing 911 or 919. If extensive emergency care should ever be required, heaven forbid, Grand Bahama is only 70 miles from the coast of South Florida — a quick and easy air charter or air ambulance ride to some of the best known medical institutions in the world, including: The University of Miami, Jackson Memorial, Cedars of Lebanon, Miami Children’s Hospital, Ft.Lauderdale’s Holy Cross, Cleveland Clinic of Florida, the Florida Heart Institute, and the Good Samaritan Medical Center in West Palm Beach.


We hope our recommendations and listings will be helpful to you as you find your way around the many wonders of Grand Bahama Island.

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